Someone Has Died. Now What?

A Step-by-Step Guide

If you have lost a loved one, we offer you our sincere condolences. Unfortunately, at this emotionally exhausting and vulnerable time, you are also faced with making a number of important and time sensitive decisions. We are dedicated to identifying and meeting your needs, not according to perceived obligations or outside pressures, but in keeping with your sincere desires and available resources. With time, we want you to look back on this experience with real peace and satisfaction. To this end, we’ve outlined the following steps for making final arrangements. Our goal is to ease this process by providing exceptional value and by empowering you to make the best decisions according to your wishes and resources, and those of your departed loved one.

1. You, as next of kin, must choose a funeral establishment

Affordable Cremation & Burial is a full service funeral home. Call (218) 491-7011 to enlist our services. A funeral director is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. If you have a prepaid service with another funeral establishment Affordable Cremation & Burial can still assist you. Prepaid funeral funds can be used at any mortuary.

2. Release and transportation of the body

If the deceased was under medical supervision (in hospital, hospice, or under home care), you will release the body to us, and we will transport the body to the funeral home. If the deceased was not under medical supervision (an unexpected death), the Medical Examiner or Coroner may hold the body until the cause of death is determined. An autopsy may be ordered. When the investigation is complete, the body will be released to us.

3. Meet with the funeral establishment

Affordable Cremation & Burial will schedule a time to meet with you to organize the details of the final arrangements. There are some basic decisions that will need to be made.

  • Will the body be cremated or buried?
  • Will there be a funeral (body present) or memorial service (no body)?
  • Will the body be embalmed?

In preparation for meeting with us, you should bring the following items and information, if applicable:

  • Funeral clothes for the deceased.
  • Discharge papers (DD214) if the deceased was a veteran.
  • A nice photo of the deceased (for the obituary, printed materials, and preparation of the body).
  • A list of family members for the obituary.
  • A preliminary idea of where the service will take place (church, chapel, cemetery, other location).
  • Contact information for clergy or others who will participate in the service.
  • Poems, hymns, bible verses, or other writings with special meaning to you or the deceased.

During the meeting, we will assist you in doing the following:

  • Submitting a Death Certificate to the state (legally report the death).
  • Arranging for the disposition of the body (burial, cremation, or entombment) .
  • Planning and coordinating a funeral or memorial service, if desired.
  • Selecting merchandise to be used for the funeral service.
  • Writing an online obituary that will be hosted on our website.
  • Writing an obituary for the newspaper(s), if desired.
  • Signing a contract and paying for services.

4. Trust us to arrange the perfect goodbye

Rest secure in the knowledge that your loved one’s final arrangements will be handled expertly, with great dignity, and according to your wishes and budget.