Our Services

Affordable Cremation & Burial provides outstanding value.

Cremation $1500
Simple cremation of the body. This includes cremation container and crematory fee. Covers transportation of the body, filing all paperwork, and performing the cremation.

Cremation with Memorial Service $2000
Cremation, plus our assistance with planning and staffing a memorial service located at a church or other venue.

Traditional Funeral $3500
A traditional service with the body present at a church or other venue, followed by burial or cremation. This includes embalming, cosmetic preparation and transportation of the body, plus planning and staffing of the funeral. Because Affordable Cremation & Burial does not have the overhead of maintaining an on-site venue for funerals, we offer a considerable savings compared to other funeral establishments.

In addition, it is important for you to understand there are other funeral costs to consider—costs that will be incurred regardless of which mortuary or funeral home you choose. At Affordable Cremation & Burial, the money you save on basic services is available to cover these other costs—in some cases, this will cover the cost of purchasing any necessary merchandise. Plus, we provide an online obituary, including a virtual guestbook, a link for sending flower arrangements, and information about the funeral or memorial service.

Regarding prepaid funeral funds:

PREPAID FUNERAL FUNDS CAN BE USED ANYWHERE. If anyone has prepaid with another mortuary, you are not obligated to use that establishment. You will not lose anything by switching to Affordable Cremation & Burial. In fact, applying those funds with us assures the best value for this investment.