3 Things about funeral plans…

The following opinions are my own, formed after many years as a professional mortician.


1. You must talk with your loved ones about death.

Even for morticians, death is hard to discuss. When your family has to make those decisions, will they be ready?

Breaking the ice is the hardest part. But you MUST discuss the details with your loved ones about your expectations and wishes. Remember, they will be doing the planning.

Gather information and talk realistically with them about your wishes.  Tell them how to do things with the resources that are available.

Use the following questions to discuss these important issues with your loved ones.

Burial or Cremation?

Funeral or Memorial Service?

What is the desired final resting place?

2.  Prepayment of  services is best done in the following scenarios.

  • Going on medical assistance and spending down assets.
  • You wish to remove the financial burden from your next of kin.
  • You are purchasing something that is scarce. For example, cemetery lots, a particular type of merchandise that may be limited, etc. Services will likely never be scarce.

A common problem regarding prepaid services is this: “Thank goodness that’s over with, now I can get on with my life.” If you leave it there, how will they know your wishes? (see section 1)

Your family will feel better knowing they honored your last wishes than they would knowing the bill is pre-paid.

3. Prepaid funeral funds can be used anywhere.

Switching your prearranged funds to Affordable could get you a free casket for the money you save, or really good food for 150 people. It’s worth looking into.

Affordable Cremation & Burial can use prepaid funds from any mortuary. You are not ‘locked-in’ to anything if you have prepaid with another funeral establishment. You will not lose anything on ‘guaranteed prices’. How’s this for a guarantee? Your money will go further with us than it will with them.

If you want a church funeral, and are prearranged with another mortuary, your family can still have the same level of excellent service AND will save more than a thousand dollars by choosing Affordable Cremation & Burial.