Affordable Cremation & Burial is a full service mortuary

Exceptional Service at an Honest Price

We provide:

  • Cremation
  • Cremation with staffed Memorial Services
  • Traditional Funeral Service followed by burial or cremation

Compare our costs versus other Duluth area providers…


Direct Cremation $1400 (this includes the cremation container and crematory fee)

Taking the body from the place of death, obtaining permits for cremation, performing the cremation. We pride ourselves on giving the utmost care and respect to everyone we serve. When the paperwork is ready, the body is brought to the Park Hill Crematory in Woodland, the region’s first established crematory. The cremation is performed by a CANA certified crematory operator. Attention to detail is our top priority.

Cremation with a Memorial Service $1800

(We help plan and staff a memorial service at location of your choosing)
*** If you are considering conducting your own memorial service, please read the list provided at the bottom of this page. Use it to:  a) Determine if your family has the resources available to pull the event off AND b) If you CAN, use it as a checklist to ensure your planning goes as smoothly as possible.

Traditional Funeral $3400 – our biggest value to you

Affordable Cremation & Burial does more than just cremations. Matt is an experienced funeral director/embalmer, and we are equipped to provide Funeral Services at a Church of your family’s choosing. We would be honored to serve your family. The only difference between Affordable and our competitors is that we do not have a chapel on site. Affordable can provide you with the same outstanding service, at a significant savings. We care about your family. Our overhead savings are passed on to you, because we don’t want the cost of a funeral service to be an undue burden. If you are inclined to cremation, you can still have a funeral service, wood caskets are used that can be cremated afterwards.


Additional funeral expense costs to consider:

  • Casket, we carry a variety of first class products that are priced fairly
  • Cemetery lots, grave digging, and outer burial container if required by cemetery
  • Food catering for reception
  • Obituary for newspaper (can vary greatly depending on publication)
  • Flowers
  • Honorarium for Clergy: $150 minimum recommended
  • Honorarium for Soloists / Pianists / Organists / Musicians – $100 recommended per performer
  • Paper goods: Register Book, Memorial Folders, Thank You Cards
  • Cremation permit fee, depending on your county (St. Louis Co = $50, Douglas Co, WI = $150)
  • Death certificates (MN DC’s = $13 for 1st, $6 for additional, WI DC’s = $20 for 1st, $3 for additional)
  • Additional mileage if necessary (usually $2 per mile if location is beyond local radius of Duluth)
  • Additional personnel costs if the person is excessively obese – price is at funeral director’s discretion

*Total expense can vary based on type of merchandise and cash advance items selected.

Note : Prices displayed are gathered from competitors General Price List information given December 2014.


*** Following are things we do to host Services at your church, chapel, or other location ***

  • Coordinate with clergy to reserve venue time and place, arrange meeting with clergy for family to discuss service details (i.e. music performance, songs, verse readings, eulogy readings, ensuring appropriate audio visual equipment is available if needed, slideshow, etc.)
  • Ensure Clergy Honorarium is made ($150 minimum recommended)
  • Coordinate with church lady groups for assistance in food serving, ensuring that the service falls within the guidelines of established church protocol, (e.g. Catering or Pot Luck) and that appropriate honorariums are made for the group. ($100 minimum recommended)
  • Order food from caterer, figure out how many will attend, payment is due at time of service or beforehand
  • Contact and confirm musicians with service date and time, pieces selected, for advance rehearsal time. Also ensure that appropriate honorariums (payments – $100 minimum recommended) are made for their time.
  • Prepare printed memorial folders, register books, donation cards, thank you cards, or any other printed service material. If the church is assisting you with folders, keep it simple. Proof the folders with them, and send to the printer directly from the church to avoid formatting mistakes, and save valuable time.
  • Order flowers. Setup flowers at the service site at least two hours in advance of services. Some churches will have flower stands available, some may not.
  • Stage equipment: tissue boxes, flower stands, display tables, picture easels, podiums
  • Setup all display items, photo boards, memorabilia. Setup register book, memorial folders, donation box. Also center piece in chapel, usually a small table with urn, large portrait, and flowers.
  • Greet folks at the door, assist with any elderly or disabled that need assistance with entry
  • Secure donation box with cards to return when services are completed
  • Disperse honorariums to all participants beforehand; clergy, soloists, organists, church ladies, honor guard, cemetery or gravedigger
  • Coordinate and usher the flow of people, keeping the service on time
  • Take an attendance count for the church ladies for appropriate table set ups during the service
  • Moving any display items for display in reception area
  • Flowers must be taken by family after the service, arrange so the church isn’t left with them.
  • General cleanup of chapel after services are complete